Food in Chiang Mai 2: Lunch at Pho Vieng Chane

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Pho Vieng Chane Restaurant is located in a laneway between Pracha Samphan and Chang Klan Road (just down from Giorgio Italian Restaurant).

I ate here yesterday. Phennapha took me also before Xmas. This is an open fronted Vietnamese fast food restaurant, but with excellent food. I don’t think what I had was anything unusual. I wanted to chase down the deep fried leaf that Phennapha didn’t know the English for and I did on the second visit.


I had a set of three dishes:

1 Minced pork balls on skewer nem nuong: these were much more delicious than they looked with a mild sate sauce and as you can see from the half-eaten dish (3 sticks), raw garlic and green chillis, which I skipped (the garlic was very strong). And an egg-plant style vegetable (light green peel and white inside slightly bitter), a vegetable that was the consistency of star fruit but sour and cucumber. The leaves on the side plate were lettuce, coriander, basil and Vietnamese mint (very tasty when combined with the dish and noodles).

PhoViengChanemodWP22 Deep-fried pork in wild betel leaves: I don’t know what a wild betel leaf is but suspect a jungle version of the cultivated. These are really special. The cylinder of pork inside is very tasty and quite different from the pork balls. This was the killer part of the meal because there were four lots of three. It would be much better to share with someone.

Shrimp mousse on sugar cane: this was bland and didn’t taste much of shrimp. I’ve had better.

(I hate people who take pictures of food incessantly but thought that it would explain things. I’m not sure if the fact that the food is half-eaten is a sign of this or merely that I was very hungry.)

There is also a Branch or restaurant of the same name in the old city not far from Thapae Gate on Rachadamnoen. I haven’t been so that I don’t know if it is more touristy. I’ll try it sometime. It sounds like it has more ambience, but the restaurant I’m talking about caters almost exclusively to locals

The other dish that I had with Phennapha was: ‘crispied rice salad and pork-fermented’. This was also really delicious with lemon juice sprinkled over. Phennapha used the lettuce to roll into a ball. I did too but was far less successful and made a mess.


The other thing I had both times was a bottle of passion fruit drink. This is supposedly fresh pulp but must have sugar added as I often find passion fruit too acid. It was delicious. Phennapha says that it is only available in season. It must be commercial because it has a label and machine wrapped foil over the screw top. I think it was expensive 80B, a bit less than AUD $3. The meal was 150B, AUD $5 but it was a bit much for me, and with say the fermented pork would have been more than adequate for two.

I suspect that I may not be losing weight.

March 2016 Update

March 2016 Update with pictures, Click Here.

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