The Colour of India

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Lambada Woman, Gramya, 2005
Lambadi Woman, Gramya, 2005

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Having just visited India in February/March 2016. I’m inspired again by the wonders of India, even though the NGOs I’m aware of despair at the the excesses of the current central government.

In mid-2010 the South Coast Pastel Society (New South Wales, Australia) got in touch with me because of a contact with PhotoAccess to help inspire their artists about India. The theme for their major exhibition of the year was on India or more specifically: works that reflect or respond to in some way, the culture, history, environment or art of India.

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Marie Kondo, Tidying

Have a look at! Same blog more polished layout.

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Marie Kondo Tidying Feature

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Marie Kondo The life-changing magic of tidying 2014.

2016 might be my year for getting excited over weird books. The Big Twitch in January and Gut in February are good examples.

I mentioned my normal views on self-help books in my discussion of Gut by Giulia Enders and how I lean towards Steve Salerno’s scathing indictment of the self-help movement.

Yet, here I am about to extol the virtues of another one and a really unusual one at that Japanese Marie Kondo’s The life-changing magic of tidying 2014.

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Artists Exchange Portfolios 2003 & 2005

Have a look at! Same blog more polished layout.

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Tony Stewart Untitled, 2005, 33 x 33 cm

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Artists Exchange Portfolios ’23’ 2003 and ’33’ 2005

One exciting consequence of the Australian Art Collector 2003 article was an invitation by Rona Green to participate in an Artists Exchange Portfolio.

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