Tag 2005: A Major Solo Exhibition

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Featured image: The Old Red Tag Series #1 & #3, 119 x 84 cm
Featured image: The Old Red Tag Series #1 & #3, 119 x 84 cm

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 Tag 2005: A Major Solo Exhibition

Tag Tony Stewart

Huw Davies Gallery, Manuka Arts Centre, Canberra 1-19 September 2005

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Following the success of my two opening exhibitions Use By and Transit in 2002, I set out to create a body of work in a new direction, but building on the inspiration that I began with.

One driving idea behind the making of work during this period was the idea of SIMPLICITY that is focusing down and trying to create meaningful work with few elements.

The other idea, which actually took up much more time, was the honing of skills learned and technique, that is, getting much better at the photomedia methods that I had been learning on the computer, and attempting to produce a more polished product through practice.

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