AirBNB Adventures 1: Italy & Sicily 2012

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View of Ortygia Island, the historical centre of Syracuse, Sicily

Featured image: View of Ortygia Island, the historical centre of Syracuse, Sicily

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AirBNB Adventure 1: Florence to Syracuse, Italy & Sicily 2012


In thinking about this series, I decided to contact all my previous AirBNB hosts to ask whether they were still active and wanted to be identified specifically or only in vague terms. It was a pleasant experience contacting previous hosts, rather nostalgic on both sides. In some cases we went to lengths to get around AirBNB’s contact control to show them my blog and to enter private communications.

At the same time, I wanted to get in touch with AirBNB to ask their advice on contacting hosts and to alert them to the articles I was going to write. That proved impossible — although I could have tried harder. AirBNB does not appear to have any easy route to the corporate level. Although I suppose one could contact their corporate headquarters in San Francsisco by snail mail.

Besides that I’ve always found Air BNB excellent if you have problems and need solutions. The young people they employ to provide the interface between hosts and customers are well-trained, intelligent and really help to solve issues that arise occasionally. We even stayed with one of these you people in Dublin.

I’m sorry, but it has become impossible to run two parallel full posts.

To Continue, CLICK HERE. It will be worth it I promise!

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