Food writing 3: More Articles I liked from Choice Cuts

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Choice cuts feature

Food writing 3: More Articles I liked from Choice Cuts by Mark Kurlansky

Writing about food some fine writers and articles


In Food writing 1, I analysed Mark Kurlansky’s anthology Choice Cuts: A Savory Selection of Food Writing from Around the World and Throughout History, 2002. The book contains 234 articles, which covers the range of food writing from 500 BC to roughly the last thirty years.

It is my task here to continue the descriptions and commenting articles in the book that I feel worthy of following up on.

The Continuing List

This is the continuing list of the remainder of the 32 articles I liked in Choice Cuts. They are in the order they appeared in the book.

I’ll also cover the 40 others I felt worthy of mention later.

I’m sorry, but it has become impossible to run two parallel full posts.

To Continue, CLICK HERE.


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