Annie Purcell WWI Nurse

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Clive and Annie Purcell, Studio Portrait, Clive & Annie Purcell, Sandhill Camp, England, June 1918

Featured Image: Clive and Annie Purcell, Studio Portrait, Sandhill Camp, England, June 1918

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Auntie Nam,  Annie Watkins Bennett Vize Purcell, WWI Nurse (1887-1941)


My mother called her Auntie Nam. She liked and admired her greatly. She was the sister of my mother’s father William Clive Purcell. Both Annie and Clive died relatively young. My mother adored her father.

(My mother Anne-Enid Frances Stewart (née Purcell) and related family, including her father Clive, were remembered by my sister in one chapter of Our Mothers by Robbie Henderson, Austin Macauley London, 29 October 2021.)

Auntie Nam was born Annie Watkins Bennett Vize Purcell in Yea, Victoria, Australia on 3 April 1887.

I am republishing a lightly edited version of the research undertaken by Janet Scarfe on behalf of the East Melbourne Historical Society (a link to the original is provided). The photographs are from a collection of family photographs.

Scarfe’s depiction of my maternal grandfather Clive Purcell’s war record is slightly unfair (from a 21st century feminine perspective) but I will deal with this in a separate article about him and his First World War (WWI) experience. Continue reading “Annie Purcell WWI Nurse”