What Travel Costs 7: Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Meat Stall, Muang Mai Markets
Meat Stall, Muang Mai Markets

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What Travel Costs 7: Chiang Mai, Thailand (& Hyderabad, India)

The main purpose of my trip was to go to India to undertake a promised visit to my friend Rukmini to catch up. I chose to fly via Bangkok rather than take a cheaper trip with another airline through Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. There were two reasons:

  1. To visit my nephew’s new baby in Bangkok for the first time, and
  2. I wanted to end up in Chiang Mai and this way was the least hassle.

I left Australia on the evening of 18 February with Thai Airways and arrived Bangkok at 3.30 am on the 19th (9.5 h flight). This was a really stupid idea on the basis that coming from Canberra, if I caught the 10am flight I’d have to spend an expensive night in a Sydney hotel. I’ve since found a cheap alternative near the airport and the saving wasn’t worth it!

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