Classic SciFi 6: William Gibson Count Zero

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Count Zero, First Edition Hardcover, 1986
Count Zero, First Edition Hardcover, 1986

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William Gibson, Count Zero 1986

They set a slamhound on Turners trail in New Delhi, slotted it to his pheromones and the color of his hair. It caught up with him on a street called Chandni Chauk and came scrambling for his rented BMW through a forest of bare brown legs and pedicab tires. Its core was a kilogram of recrystallized hexogene and flaked TNT. He didnt see it coming…


Count Zero opens with these words. Turner is one of the lead characters. Previously a security but now an executive extraction expert, he helps technical geniuses to move from one corporation or zaibatsu to another. In other words, as outlined in previous articles, his profession today would be called executive recruitment, but in the Indiana Jones style (just not archaeology).

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