19 Best Travel Blogs & Websites

Sadhu & God, Pushkar, 1995

Have a look at breadtagsagas.com! Same blog more polished layout.

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Featured image: Sadhu and God Pushkar, 1995

ORT_Logo   Breadtag Sagas ©: Author Tony,  2 July 2017

19 Best Travel Blogs & Websites & Why

The true reason I chose to write about travel blogs was that I was embarrassed about my links page. I’d neglected it since shortly after setting up my blog. I thought that writing articles about the relevant categories was the way to make the links more relevant and useful to others.

Preliminary Research

When I first began BreadtagSagas, I used travel as a category to research for ideas about how to approach and to design the blog. I found 17 sites and analysed them in May 2015, included are some of my picks below and several others. The list I chose initially contained great blog names and banner statements.

Some of the sites were: Exile lifestyle, Writing through the fog, Uncornered market, Nerd’s eye view, Travelfish, Grantourismo, Atlas Obscura, Legal Nomads, Quite Alone, Phil in the Blank, Stories of Conflict and Love.

Some banners were: Writing through the fog; Travel wide, live deep; A camera, a passport, a ukelele, and a weird little dog; Everywhere is on the way to somewhere else; Telling stories through food; Freya Stark wrote: “To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.”; Because life is short and the world is large; Part-time travel, full-time travel obsession.

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